Isla Amantani

Isla Amantani was one of the most relaxing islands I’ve ever been to. It is very quiet and peaceful because it is not modernised and there are no cars. It is a small island, less than 10km around but still has lots of things to see and do since it is on Lake Titicaca.

front of house
chasing the sheep through the plaza

I love the people there because they were very friendly. The people we stayed with (Maryluz and Henry) are exceptionally nice.They even dressed us up!

Maryluz taught me how to knit. She knits headbands, bags, beanies and more! She is an excellent teacher so if you’re interested in going there I recommend them. Henry was also very helpful and always happy to go out of his way to show us around.

The first day we went swimming in Lake Titicaca the highest navigable lake in the world, of 4063metres above sea level. The temperature of the water was 14 degrees so it took us a little while before we put our heads under. It was freezing, but I bet Maille found it fun watching me hallucinate.  

sunset from the terrace

We went on a hike up to Pachamama, an old pre-Incan temple on the highest point. It is used to worship Pachamama, Mother Earth.

I would love to go back to Isla Amantani. It is definitely a place for me.