Gaudi’s crazy creations

By Maille

Antonio Gaudi was a famous architect in Barcelona. He died almost a 100 years ago! He designed lots historical monuments, e.g. La Sagrada Familia.

This is a spooky picture of Gaudi from Casa Batllo.

We went to Barcelona with our cousins, Ayla, Shea and Ivy. Some of my family visited Casa Batllo, which is a famous house that Gaudi transformed. But it was a construction site on the outside and they were really disappointed that they couldn’t see the front.

A drawing of Casa Batllo, seeing we couldn’t take a photo.
Inside Casa Batllo

We all met up afterwards at La Pedrera. La Pedrera is a huge house that looks like a horizontal or upside-down wave. We saw the outside of it, because we did not want to pay to go in.

La Pedrera

The next day we went to La Sagrada Familia. La Sagrada Familia is a humungous cathedral that has very, very tall towers and has lots of big columns inside. It is still in construction but they said it will probably be done in 7 years. There were coloured, stained glass windows that were pretty. The windows were green, blue, red and yellow and long shafts of coloured light come into the cathedral. The Sagrada Familia is my favourite cathedral and my favourite Gaudi building.

Still building the towers.

Parc Guell was up on a hill. There were columns where we walked and one of the columns looked like a woman. I also remember a colourful lizard statue on a set of stairs with beautiful mosaics. Gaudi’s house was there but we did not see it. There were two other houses that looked like ginger bread houses.

What I like about Gaudi’s style is that it’s colourful and bright with lots of details. It’s interesting that the builders could carve that much on La Sagrada Familia! I think that Gaudi is the best architect I know. I like Gaudi’s art work and hope that I get to see more of Gaudi’s work in my life.

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