Castles, castles everywhere

A review of Chateau Gizeux by Maille

Chateau Gizeux is one of the chateaux in France. Chateau is the French word for castle. In France there are lots of chateaux and we visited a lot. Here are some pictures of just SOME of the chateaux we saw.

Outside the Palace of Versaille, where the King and Queen of France used to live.
Chateau Azay le Rideau in the Loire Valley
Eliane, Grandma and I outside Chateau Azay le Rideau, which is a pretty cool chateau.
Chateau de Puilaurens is a ruined castle on a hill near the border with Spain.
There are great views from Chateau de Puilaurens
Carcassone looks a bit like Hogwarts, it’s really impressive!
Entering Carcassone.
We walked around the walls.

Chateux Gizeux was the closest one to our house in Gizeux, in the Loire Valley, and it was my favourite.

What I liked the most about Chateau Gizeux was a big walkway to the Chateau from the village.

These cows were pretty interested in us. I don’t think they had seen many visitors lately.

There was also a scavenger hunt about a witch turning the Queen into a frog. You had to find the right ingredients so the Queen could be the Queen again. There was a throne, swords and other ingredients and a witch’s hut. Eliane and I had SO much fun. There were lots of ingredients in the garden and the garden was pretty big, so we had to run around a lot. My favourite part was where we went into the witch’s hut.

This was where we did the scavenger hunt. It took a long time to find everything!

We were the only tourists when we visited Castle Gizeux and we met one of the owners, who was raking in the courtyard. The family live at the Chateau and are restoring it so that visitors can see what it used to be like to live there. I would like to live in a Chateau and be a princess one day!

Bye-bye Chateau Gizeux!

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