Climbing an active volcano

By Maille

The volcano that we climbed up was called the Pacaya volcano. The Pacaya volcano is an active volcano, that is one hour away from Antigua. The walk to the volcano was one hour and a half. You could get a horse up and down, but we didn’t. I found the walk pretty easy because I’ve done Machu Picchu and Colca Canyon.

This was one of the tricky bits of the trail.

Once we got up so we could see the volcano we stayed there for a while. We toasted lots of marshmallows in some holes in the lava field. We saw some lava come down from the volcano sometimes and lots of smoke coming out the top. I liked the walk and recommend going there if you’re going to Guatemala.

The smoke on the side of the volcano is lava coming down.

Fact: Guatemala has thirty-six volcanoes.

2 thoughts on “Climbing an active volcano”

  1. hi ‘m tassia van rooyens daughter i’m reading through its amazing good job were edventerly doing the same route i herd you were from Australia i hope we meet up soon.

    thanks bye



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