A taste of the high life at Hacienda Cusin

Those of you who know me well will know my fascination with history and old (i.e. historical) buildings. In fact, the itinerary and accommodations on this journey are heavily weighted towards the old, over the new. This is a growing source of annoyance to Maille, who much prefers modern architecture, and has started to ask suspiciously whether the next place we stay at will be ‘old or new?’

So when I realised we could stay at a 400 year old hotel that has been lovingly restored and converted from it’s great house/monastery origins I jumped at the chance.

Hacienda Cusin is situated high in the Ecuadorean Andes, near Otavalo, a town renowned for it’s market featuring traditional handicrafts. The area also attracts hikers with its snow-capped volcanoes and limpid lakes. We spent most of our two day stay exploring and enjoying the property itself.

The main house lounge, with roaring fireplace, was a good location for pre-dinner drinks

In addition to sprawling gardens, including a large organic fruit and vegetable garden supplying the kitchen, Hacienda Cusin offers a home farm with a multitude of animals to pet and horses to ride. Then there is the monastery, complete with tower and secret passage. Once you are done exploring there is a games room with table tennis and billiards and we even made use of the basketball court!

Entering the monastery
One of the more illustrious former Abbots
View from the tower
Formal sitting room in the monastery area
Sitting room looking through to dining room. Curiously enough, we virtually had the whole huge place to ourselves, only seeing other people occasionally near Reception or at meals
It was kind of like a ghost hotel…
with fabulous murals
frankly, I loved it!
Our 2-bedroom suite with a fireplace that was lit each night while we enjoyed a 3-course meal in the dining room, in front of yet another roaring fire

Of course this all comes at a price (we paid AU$224 per night, almost the most expensive accommodation of our trip), but for us it really was a little taste of luxury. An enormous and delicious breakfast with plenty of choices was included (again in front of that roaring fire) and hot water bottles were placed in our beds while we were at dinner. I’m going to dream of Hacienda Cusin.

One thought on “A taste of the high life at Hacienda Cusin”

  1. That doesn’t sound like a huge cost for such amazing surrounds… although I suppose when you’re traveling for 8 months you’ve got be strict with the budget!

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