Fun in the jungle

By Maille

At Martz Farm we were living in a treehouse, that looks like this.

Our treehouse bedroom.

The people there are lovely, especially Jose who was very funny, writes poetry and tells funny stories. There are seven dogs, but they don’t hurt. The food there is delicious. We went on a horse ride and it was really good.

We rode the horses up to the ridge past an ancient Mayan village.

We also went to a dam. On the way to the dam we sat on a boat and a tractor pulled it down a steep hill.

The ride behind the tractor was pretty exciting!

The dam had waterfalls. First, we went on a boat, up and down the river. Then we went to place this where there was a little beach. It also had two little waterfalls. We swam there and jumped off the boat and daddy jumped off a swing. After we had lunch, which was sandwiches. Then went swimming again and then got on the boat.

The dam looks more like a river!
Relaxing on the boat.
We saw baby crocodiles and a big one in the water.
I’m flying!

After that we went to this amazing waterfall. It was cold!

This is the Rio Frio (cold river!)
Jose painted Eliane’s face.

Jose let Eliane and I drive the boat, it was really FUN! I recommend Martz farm.

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