Lava tunnels and animals!


sea-horse at the Galapagos

I loved this tour because we saw soooooooo many animals it was unbelievable. Before the Lava Tunnels we went on a boat that took us out to an AMAZING snorkeling place full to the brim with animals. One of my favourite animals was the sea-horse because it was so interesting. The sea-horses in Australia are nothing compared to the ones on Isla Isabela. The ones in the Galapagos are big, detailed and cute. Our guide (who was very nice) almost touched the sea-horse while he was playing with it, as it curled its long tail around a stick.

Another thing I really liked was the turtles. They were enormous. Some were bigger than Maille! Their heads were about the size of a football and their bodies were GIGANTIC! Some were the size of a medium sized table! It was awesome.

Me, Mum, Maille and a HUGE turtle!

The best thing there was the sharks though. There were two types of sharks, black tip and white tip (the white tip ones were the biggest). The sharks were swimming in little caves where they were resting. It was absolutely thrilling looking at them.

white tip sharks
white tip sharks

What are lava tunnels? Lava tunnels are like a tube made underground or through rock. How are lava tunnels formed? When the outside layer of lava cools it forms a crust while the interior flows hot and fast. Eventually the lava inside the crust flowed out and left a tube or tunnel behind. And then as time passed the sea flowed in and that is why we can swim in them today.

us swimming inside lava tunnels
huge fish!
on top of lava tunnels