Lots to see in Venice

By Maille

In Venice there are canals instead of roads and boats instead of cars. Canals are like little rivers running through Venice. Canals are in all different sizes.

The biggest canal is called The Grand Canal. The Grand Canal is very busy with boats of all sizes, because it is like the main road.

A palace on The Grand Canal.

On the canals there are boats that are called gondolas; there are lot of gondolas. Gondolas are very fancy and are expensive (that’s why we didn’t go on one).

Gondolas tied up for the night.
A gondola on The Grand Canal.

Once we saw a dog that was swimming in a canal and it nearly got run over by a gondola! It is very romantic in Venice, except when gondolas nearly run over dogs.

In Venice there are lots of churches, they are like on every second street. I mean canal!

We went to the main square, Piazza San Marco, and there is a big church that is really beautiful because it has lots of gold and blue carvings and turrets and decoration. Tip: get there early in the morning because there aren’t many people.

We had Piazza San Marco all to ourselves!
Except for the pigeons.

There are lots of glass shops in Venice and I got a glass owl and dog. The dog is for me and the owl is for my friend Matilda.

There are also lots of shops selling masks. I got a mask and my sister got a mask too.

The thing I liked most in Venice was sunset walks. That’s when it’s the best time to take pictures.

The canal near our place.

2 thoughts on “Lots to see in Venice”

  1. we were in venice last month by any chance did you go to st. Marcos square we did a full canale tour and we did a tour that took us to three different Islands hope you guys had lots of fun .


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